Why are Creme De La Creme French Bulldogs' Frenchies so special?

Mar 10th 2019

I've gone back and forth regarding what I should title this blog post. As this post will not only discuss what makes our French Bulldogs special, but also as to why we are charging the prices that we are for our babies. Some people may quickly look at our French Bulldogs and think "they're just your standard Frenchie, why are they charging so much?" That is just the thing, the word "standard" is being interpreted multiple ways. Hopefully this post clarifies how our Frenchies being "standard" does not make them your "average" French Bulldog.  

We are fully aware that our French Bulldogs cost more than your "average" French Bulldog. We are not charging this price to make a profit, we are charging this price because that is what it costs for us to raise these amazing puppies.

Our French Bulldogs are NOT of "rare" or "fad" coloring which traditionally go for higher price tags. So why are our puppies priced the way they are?


Both Ella (Dam) and Jasper (Sire) come from England. We purchased them from England for several reasons.
1. The breed originated in England (even though they are named French Bulldog). The lineage/pedigree of the breed is stricter to the standard of what is classified as a French Bulldog; because of this, their confirmations follow what is expected in French Bulldogs. For a full description of what is expected in the breed please visit:  http://images.akc.org/pdf/breeds/standards/French_...
2. Championship Bloodlines: We did not purchase just any French Bulldogs from England. We selected Frenchies from reputable breeders and both Ella and Jasper have championship bloodlines.
3. For those interested in breeding our puppies, you are highly unlikely to inbreed as their gene pool is not overproduced in the USA. Airlines are making it more difficult to fly a French Bulldog to the USA. 
4. Ella will only be bred a maximum of 2 times. We are NOT a puppy mill. Ella is a member of our family above all else. Her health and well being is extremely important to us.

Care/Raising of Parents and Puppies:
We spare no time nor expense when it comes to the raising of these puppies.
Ella and Jasper have had the required OFA French Bulldog Exams. 
Our puppies are raised in our home with 24/7 love and care. We consider raising these puppies our full time "job" that we absolutely love. We handle them everyday/all-day. During the day they are surrounded by us, their parents, our cats, and other our dog. There is no point in time when these puppies are not in room with an adult human. During the night they sleep in our bedroom along with their mom and dad. They will be well socialized with people and animals when they are ready to go to their new homes. Our puppies love to be loved and held. Not only do we strive to breed high quality, breed standard French Bulldogs, we also strive to breed Frenchies that have the loving, jovial personalities of happy French Bulldogs.
-All of our pets are served Farmina N&D Pumpkin Formula food. This food is of the highest quality and under strict health codes when produced.
-Puppies will be up to date on their vaccinations and wormer when they go to their new homes. We take our French Bulldogs to a vet who is Canine Reproductive Specialist who is familiar with the breed. This is extremely important as many veterinarians are unfamiliar with the body structures and make up of French Bulldogs.
-When a puppy goes to their new family we will provide a puppy pack which will include many items that will help make the transition from our family to their new family easier. This pack will include things such as a blanket with Ella's scent, samples of Farmina's N&D Pumpkin Formula, Farmina Nutritional Plan, Natural Dog Company Travel Sized: Snout Soother, Wrinkle Balm, and Paw Soother, peaksNpaws Himalayan Yak Milk Chew, etc.
-Puppies will be AKC registered, microchipped, have a health certificate, and health guarantee; as well as, lifetime communication from us at Creme De La Creme French Bulldogs. 


It is because our French Bulldogs are not of these "rare" and "fad" colors that is also very important. There is no where in the French Bulldog genes that would give them blue, lilac, merle, black & tan, brown & tan, and any other variations of these colors. When a person purchases a French Bulldog that is of these "rare" colors they are  purchasing a dog that is NOT a purebred French Bulldog. Some other breed had to be bred with a French Bulldog to get that coloring. As stated by the American Kennel Club Official Standard of the French Bulldog "Acceptable colors: white, cream, fawn (ranging from light fawn to a red fawn), or any combinations of the foregoing. Markings and patterns are: brindle, piebald, black masks, black shadings, and white markings. Ticking is acceptable but not desired. Brindle ranges from sparse but clearly defined black stripes on a fawn background to such heavy concentrations of black stripping that the essential fawn background color barely shows through ("black brindle"). Only a trace of the background color is necessary; in a brindle piebald, a trace of the brindle pattering in any patch is sufficient. All other colors, markings or patters are a disqualification. Disqualifying colors and patterns include, but are not limited to, solid black, black and tan, black and white, white with black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle. Black means black without a trace of brindle."(http://images.akc.org/pdf/breeds/standards/French_...
-Someone who purchases a "French Bulldog" that is a disqualifying color is not just purchasing a dog that is not a purebred, they are also purchasing a dog that is at a higher risk for more health concerns. 

You are purchasing a Purebred French Bulldog of the highest quality and highest standard. Not a penny was spared when it came to making sure that our puppies are of the highest quality and standard. Our puppies are true to the KC and AKC French Bulldog Standards. When people see our French Bulldogs they often mention how cute and small they are. Ella weighs 20 pounds, Jasper weighs 21 pounds. French Bulldogs are supposed to weigh between 16 and 28 pounds. Anything larger is not following the breed standard. Society has gotten so used to seeing what they think is a French Bulldog, when in reality they are used to seeing dogs that many people are over breeding to make money, not to follow the breed standard.