Farmina N&D Pumpkin Formula

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We feed our fur babies Farmina's Natural and Delicious Pumpkin Grain-Free Formula in the Mini Kibble. We serve them the variety of protein and vegetable mixtures that N&D creates. We know we don't like eating the same thing over and over again, so why would our precious babies? We do not feel that they are affected negatively with this variety in their diet. While we like the concept of feeding a raw diet, we feel that by feeding Ella and Jasper Farmina's food they are getting a more balanced diet. We do supplement with chicken, ground beef, and marrow bones as treats for our babies. 

We want to make sure that they are getting they healthiest and best possible food; Farmina is made in Italy where they have stricter health regulations than in other countries, which makes us feel much better with feeding them this kibble. 

We know that not everyone may be able to do so, but we let our babies free eat. They are able to eat when they are hungry and until they are full without over eating or eating too fast. They know that their food will always be there. Our French Bulldog's stay at a healthy weight of 20 pounds; not to mention that their hair is skin is so healthy and shiny. 

Whether you purchase a puppy from us or not, we would love to set you up with a Nutritional Plan for your dogs and cats through Farmina. Please fill out our Contact Form with the following information:

Pet's Name
Dog or Cat
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Life Stage (Puppy,/Kitten Adult, or Senior)
Owner's First and Last Name
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Once we have this information you will receive your Nutritional Plan through Farmina along with a coupon for food.