Health Guarantee

Below is a sample of what is included in our Health Guarantee. The official Health Guarantee will include additional things such as: your puppy's information and signature lines. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We want to be sure to clarify any misunderstandings before you make this loving investment.



While this agreement is to cover both you, the buyer/owner, and us, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs (CDLCFB) as the seller/breeder, its main purpose is to cover the health and well-being of the stated CDLCFB Frenchie. If terms of this Health Guarantee are agreed to and abided by then this Health Guarantee will be active for up to the 1st  birthday (0_/__/202_) of your CDLCFB Frenchie.


  1. For this guarantee to be valid, the buyer is required to have their Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian (DVM) within 30 days from the date they take possession. Proof of health check must be emailed to CDLCFB by the buyer’s licensed veterinarian. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure their veterinarian sends CDLCFB this information. The buyer’s CDLCFB French Bulldog must be kept away from places that are visited frequently by other dogs/pets until they are at least 4 months of age. This will help ensure that they are fully immunized and will not catch any serious diseases. Any significant issues found by the buyer’s vet during this, or any subsequent examination, should be communicated to CDLCFB ASAP. The buyer agrees to not undertake any expensive examinations, tests, treatments, or procedures prior to communication with CDLCFB if the buyer is interested in having this agreement honored, so that we, the breeder and buyer, can discuss all various options related to the CDLCFB Frenchie’s issue.
  2. It is up to the breeder, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs, to determine when the buyer’s French Bulldog will be ready to go to its new home. CDLCFB will not, under any circumstances, let the puppy leave before it is ready.
  3. Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs breeds high-quality French Bulldogs, which have no known significant health issues. Both dam and sire have been health tested for common French Bulldog health issues, as stated by the OFA. Those results are available at the time of purchase for the buyer to review. CDLCFB puppies, which have been thoroughly examined by our vet, leave our, the breeders, home and enter yours, the buyer/owner, with overall excellent health.
    This Health Guarantee does not cover minor illnesses and health issues such as colds, allergies, cherry eye, internal and external parasites, umbilical hernias, etc.
    If for any reason the buyer is purchasing a puppy that has a known minor defect found during the breeder’s veterinarian examination, it will be fully disclosed to the buyer prior to the purchase of said puppy. (We, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs will not sell a puppy if we feel that the defects are life threatening or significantly debilitating)
    If any, those minor defects will be listed here:
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Breeder Signature: _______________________________________________Date: ___/___/___
    By signing here, you, the buyer, are agreeing that you are fully aware that your puppy possesses these minor defects and that this guarantee does not cover those defects.
  4. It is recommended that the buyer should have their new puppy seen by their licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from the time that they take possession. Within this 72 hour period, if the buyer’s vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy or unfit for sale, the puppy must be returned to Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs for a full refund*. The buyer’s veterinarian must provide a written statement deeming the puppy unfit for sale.
    *For a full refund the buyer’s puppy must not show signs of obvious injury and/or neglect
  5. All of Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs breeding French Bulldogs have full AKC and KC registration. All of their puppies will come with either full AKC or limited AKC (pet only) registration. If the buyer is purchasing a puppy with the intent to show you, the buyer, understands that there is no guarantee of show potential when the puppy matures, regardless of potential at the time of purchase. There is no size guarantee for a French Bulldog puppy when it reaches maturity, although the breeder has given the buyer an estimated weight range based on their parents.
  6. This puppy is being sold with limited AKC registration and is to be kept as a pet/member of the family only. The buyer is agreeing that they will NOT breed/stud their Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Frenchie. Complications with spay/neuter are not covered by this guarantee.
    The buyer is agreeing to have:
    Name:______________________________________ Microchip #:_______________________ spayed/neutered between: ___/___/___ to ___/___/___. The buyer’s licensed veterinary will need to send a letter of completion by: ___/___/___ to:
    By signing the buyer is agreeing to not breed/stud this French Bulldog and that they will be spayed/neutered, with letter of completion sent by the dates listed.
  7. All Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs are microchipped. Complications with the microchip are highly unlikely. Such as: migration from original implantation site, failure of microchip, hair loss, infection, swelling, and tumor formation. If any complications were to occur with the microchip, they are not covered by this guarantee. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure their CDLCFB Frenchie’s microchip information is kept up-to-date.
  8. The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic (short-faced) and a chondrodystrophic (dwarf) breed. French Bulldogs, like all dogs in these categories, have some degree of brachycephalic syndrome characterized by narrow nostrils and somewhat elongated palates. This produces the endearing noises made by French Bulldogs (noisy breathing, snoring, and snorting). It also results in their inability to deal as effectively with excessive heat, exertion, and stress. In most cases, the symptoms are mild, and if caution is taken, they will live long and healthy lives. While we, as the breeder, are doing our part to breed slightly longer snouts and more open nostrils, the buyer is agreeing that they are knowingly purchasing a breed that is known to have these health characteristics. This Health Guarantee does not cover issues with the Frenchie due to it being a chondrodystrophic and brachycephalic breed. The buyer is agreeing that they will take the precautions in everyday life to ensure that they are doing their part in keeping their French Bulldog safe from known issues including but not limited to: not letting the Frenchie overexert itself, not letting it over heat, and if necessary slowing down their ingestion of food. If the buyer is finding that are having issues with this please contact us and we will be happy to give you recommendations, i.e. bowls, how to cool them down, etc.
    Signature: _____________________________________________Date:____________________
  9. To date, the breeder has not had incidents of demodex hot spots or skin allergies with any of their Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Frenchies, although both can be common in the breed. These are typically easily treated and cured, sometimes with a diet change, and are not covered by the Health Guarantee. If the buyer does experience problems, contact CDLCFB for advice.
  10. This Health Guarantee does not cover what is considered normal/typical for the bulldog breeds, such as but not limited to: cherry eye, loose hips, skin allergies, skin yeasts, skin fungus, lactating patella, elongated soft palate, everted laryngeal saccules, stenotic nares, Brachycephalic syndrome, underbite, inverted tail or inverted vulva and occasional heart murmurs of a 1-3 level, or IVDD (intervertebral disk disease) that are not of a life threatening nature. The breeder has had the required OFA exams performed on both sire and dam.
  11. We, the breeder, are proactive in the health care of all our French Bulldogs. Each puppy has received up-to-date immunizations and preventive treatments for worms. However, all puppies are considered high-risk for coccidia and giardia and other intestinal bacteria and parasites, and preventive treatment is no guarantee that none of these issues will appear as they can be brought on by the stress of a new home and environment, a diet change, new people and playmates, a change in climate, etc. These health issues are not generally serious (even when some blood and/or mucus shows up in the stool) and are easily treated. This Health Guarantee does not cover the cost of treatment for any of these conditions.
  12. This Health Guarantee does not cover death, injuries, illnesses, or debilitating disorders that result from accidents, neglect, or improper care, including injuries sustained from a jump or fall, or from excessive exertion or stress, especially in hot weather. The buyer/owner agrees to provide high-quality food (Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs recommendations for food are listed on our website), adequate shelter (the French Bulldog is an inside dog and does not tolerate excessive heat or cold), regular vet checks, and age appropriate vaccinations and deworming’s (including heart worm medication). The buyer/owner’s failure to provide proper care for their French Bulldog will void this warranty. Frenchie’s generally do not swim (they are front heavy) and do not tolerate exertion and stress.
  13. We, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs, want each of our valued clients, you the buyer/owner, to personally meet their new puppy before taking formal possession. If the buyer lives close enough to the breeder, Friday Harbor, WA, to personally meet their new puppy before taking him/her home, we strongly encourage them to do so. If the buyer is unable to pick up their puppy themselves, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs will personally hand deliver the buyers puppy to the buyer (at buyer’s expense). If, the buyer, after meeting their new puppy, is not completely satisfied and believes that CDLCFB have in any way misrepresented him/her, the buyer can refuse to take possession, and CDLCFB will refund the buyer the amount of the purchase price they have paid, excluding CDLCFB’s transportation cost and $500 deposit. $500 deposit can be put towards next available litter/puppy of your choice.
  14. If the buyer’s Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs’ Frenchie is significantly debilitated (must be confirmed with a written statement by a licensed veterinarian) or dies due to a genetic or congenital defect (must be confirmed by a competent necropsy at your expense), other than those specified in this agreement, prior to their 1st birthday (_/__/202_), CDLCFB will provide a prorated credit toward a new puppy. If this happens during the first year of ownership, a replacement puppy of equal quality will be provided at CDLCFB’s discretion as soon as an appropriate puppy is available. If death has not occurred, but the buyer’s CDLCFB Frenchie is significantly debilitated, that French Bulldog must be returned to us at CDLCFB for replacement to take place. The buyer will be responsible for all transportation costs associated with a replacement puppy. At CDLCFB’ discretion, other arrangements acceptable to both parties may be made.
  15. We, the breeder, assume no responsibility for any medical expenses occurred after the sale of the puppy.
  16. As through our experience at Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs, French Bulldogs need to be seen by a licensed veterinarian who has prior experience with the breed, preferably one who specializes with the breed. Should any part of this agreement need to be exercised, Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs may require the buyer to seek a second opinion (at the buyer’s expense) to a veterinarian who CDLCFB will refer you to. CDLCFB will research to find the best veterinarian for French Bulldogs, closest to the buyer. CDLCFB highly recommends that the buyer seek out a veterinarian in the buyer’s area who specializes in the breed, even for the general health and wellbeing of their Frenchie. Please be aware it may take some research, travel time, and trial and error to find the best veterinarian for a French Bulldog. This is part of the additional requirements of owning a French Bulldog.