Acelynn was born on January 18, 2019. Her registered name is Creme De La Creme French Bulldogs Acelynn. She is the "Ace" to our first "Royal Flush" litter from Ella and Jasper. 

Acelynn is a Fawn with Black Mask French Bulldogs. She weighs in at about 19 pounds - Acelynn was the second smallest of our "Royal Flush" litter. 


Acelynn is a momma's girl through and through. I can very well say that she is my shadow, and I love it! If she see's that my lap is open then she will not rest until she is curled up in it (as I write this, she is sound asleep in my lap).

She may be small but she is spunky! She is the first to go up to other dogs (and cats) and encourage them to play. She believes that everyone is supposed to be her friend and will not settle until they are playing with her. 



For up to date (daily) photos of Acelynn and the rest of our French Bulldog Family please take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages

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