Kingsleigh was born on January 18th, 2019. Her AKC Registered name is Creme De La Creme French Bulldogs Kingsleigh. She is the "King" to Ella and Jasper's "Royal Flush" litter. 

Kingsleigh is a Fawn with Black Mask French Bulldog. She is the largest of our first litter, weighing in at 27 pounds.


Kingsleigh is the biggest cuddle bug and such a goof ball. Kingsleigh has the slightest nub of a tail which you are able to see her wag. If the little nub wasn't enough to tell that she is wagging her tail, her whole bum starts wiggling from side to side. The second her little nub of a tail starts going you are sure to have a smile on your face, because she is irresistible! 

Kingsleigh is much more shy than her sister, Acelynn, but that does not stop her from joining in the fun. She just waits for her sister Acelynn to access the other pups and people, and then as soon as Acelynn gives her to good to go, there is no holding her back! 

Kingsleigh loves all things fuzzy! If any toys have some form of fur on it, then that is her go to toy!  She is the smartest little French Bulldog. She loves learning new tricks, but her all time favorite and crowd pleaser is giving High Fives. 



For updated (daily) photos please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages. I occasionally add videos to our YouTube Channel as well. 

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