Jasper was born on December 29, 2017. His registered name is Eastonite Jasper Gillette. His pet name is Jasper, but he goes by many nicknames such as: Fabio, Applesauce, and Baby Boy. Jasper is a Fawn French Bulldog with a black mask and chest. He also has what looks like the markings of "EJ" on his chest in white - which is apropos. 

I had been on the hunt for a fawn male French Bulldog, I even had Ella's breeder looking for me when she would go to shows. In the beginning of May of 2018 she contacted me with Jasper's breeder. It wasn't but two weeks later that I flew to England again to pick him up. He had such a fun, spunky personality in the videos, that I knew he would be the perfect fit to our family.


Jasper is a playful, and happy boy. While Jasper is a shy boy at first, he definitely comes out of his shell and gains confidence the more he gets to know a person.

Our cat Rocky was Jasper's first friend in our family. It took a day or two but it wasn't long before he and Ella were best friends as well. All three of them try to squeeze on one lap, Mosley will even try to get in on the love and fit his head in wherever he can. One lap just doesn't seem big enough but they all seem to make it work. It's one big dog and cat pile up. 

Unlike Ella, Jasper was a little timid of the big dogs at first in the dog park, but you would never know that when you see him there today. Jasper loves meeting new dogs and loves playing with all of our neighbors.  

Jasper has the quintessential puppy dog eyes. When he looks at you, you can't help but melt. We have yet to find a soul who hasn't fallen in love with him. Jasper may be a bit shy when you first meet him, but once he sees that you have gotten Ella's stamp of approval, he wants in on all of the love!

                          jasper-tongue-out-sleeping.jpgjasper-stick.jpgjasper-and-rocky.jpg   call-me-pug-again.jpg


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