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Queenie is now Lucy! She lives with her forever family in Nashville, TN. Follow Lily615Lucy on Instagram to see all of her exciting adventures! 

Queenie takes the role as the Queen of Hearts in this "Royal Flush". She is a dark brindle with what looks like a white heart on her chest. 

Her name suits her well. She was the first to master walking and was able to escape their whelping box. We had to put up a box so that Ella was still able to get in to see her babies, but Queenie could not escape. That quickly became Queenie's throne. She would escape into the box and fall right to sleep. 

Queenie has a personality that cannot be missed. Her two favorite things are to be held and to shower you with French Kisses! When she wants to be held, she does not hold back in telling you to pick her up! While we are working on resisting giving into her every demand, Queenie would do best and be happiest in a home where her family can give her endless attention. 

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