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There are many companies that we love for accessories for our French Bulldogs, our home, and ourselves. We are happy to announce that for some of those companies we have discount codes that we are able to offer you! 

For Your Frenchies:

Natural Dog Company: We love Natural Dog Company's Snout Soother, Wrinkle Balm, and Paw Soother. We feel they are must haves when you have a French Bulldog in your home. We even include sample sizes of those products in our Puppy Packs.

Use code: CREME10 to receive 10% off your purchase on their website!

Pack Leashes: We a family of 4 French Bulldogs who enjoy going on walks together. So the leashes that we use are very important, because if you can imagine we can become a tangle of leashes while we are out on a walk. Pack Leashes use carabiners to attach to the pups harness which provides extra security when the leashes do become tangled as I know they cannot "unhook" each other.  Each pup has their own size small leash, and then I use an XLarge size leash to hold all of the leashes together and to give them some extra length. 

Use Code: CREME20 to receive 20% off your purchase on their website

Paw.comThe fuzziest and comfiest beds and blankets! Our family absolutely loves their products! I often find myself cuddled up with the pups on their bed and under their blanket. The beds have an orthopedic memory foam insert and the covers are washable, which is an absolute must in our home! We even had the opportunity to model some of their products, so if you subscribe to their list, you may see our Frenchies (and Rocky)! I should even put the link under for your home because the beds look great too! They have so many styles to choose from, I'm sure you'll find one perfect for your home.

We are hoping to be able to offer you a discount code soon, so please stay tuned!

Bark Box: I have always wanted to try Bark Box but wasn't sure if it was worth the money. I started off by buying a couple of toys that happened to be made by Bark for some of our photos. The pups LOVED them and I was very impressed by the quality. That then encouraged me to go ahead and subscribe to the box, and I am so glad I did! It is so fun seeing them opening the boxes and pulling out their new toys and treats each month! I am also very impressed by the quality and ingredients in their treats. They even pass my "no go ingredient" checklist! 

Humble Wag: If you are to have your pups face printed on different products, and pick a shirt or toy for your pup, Humble Wag has you covered!

Use Code: CREME15 to receive 15% off your purchase on their website!

For Your Home:

FrenchPress Candle Co.: 

Use Code: CREME10 to receive 10% off your purchase on their website!


We love all things Frenchie, so when we found this candle company we knew we needed to add them to our home! They have smaller sample size which are perfect to test out the different scents or to give as gifts. Our favorite scents are: Hotel Lobby, Into the Woods, Beach House, Salted Sea Breeze, and Sunshine Day. But you really can't go wrong with any of the scents. 

Be sure to check out our unboxing video

They also pair well with our PNW Driftwood Matchstick Striker/Holders available on our Etsy Shop


For Yourself: Inkopious makes adorable shirts and accessories for you to show off your love for your breed. We are in the process of getting a shirt made of our Ella. I will attach the link once it is completed. 

Use code: CDLCFB to receive a discount off your purchase or click on this link to their website for it to be automatically applied!

Creme De La Creme Goods: We make accessories for you to show off your love for your French Bulldog (and other breeds) such as needlepoint key fobs and dog collar. We needlepoint and create many other products for you and your home. 

Use code: CDLCFB to receive 10% off your purchase from our Etsy Shop

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