Sales Agreement

Below is an outline of our Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Sales Agreement. The official Sales Agreement will include things such as your puppy's information and signature lines. The official Sales Agreement will be sent to you when you decide you would like to purchase a Crème De La Crème French Bulldog.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for deciding to purchase a Frenchie from Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs. We, the breeder, want to make this a stress free and enjoyable process for you, the buyer. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns you may have along the way. We, CDLCFB, will keep you, the buyer/owner, up to date with photos, videos and information about your puppy as it grows until is it is ready to go to its new home.


This contract is written for the protection of both the buyer and the breeder, but it is primarily written to protect the general health and well-being of the puppy. Please be certain that you are prepared for the time commitment and financial responsibility of a French Bulldog prior to placing your deposit.




1.      The buyer warrants that he/she is purchasing for themselves and not as agents for a third party, or partnership.


2.      Please read the Health Guarantee prior to placing your deposit reserving a puppy from this litter. By placing a deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our Sales Agreements, Spay/Neuter Contract, and our Health Guarantee.


3.      We require half of the puppy's purchase price to reserve a specific puppy.  $500 of that is non-nonrefundable. The order in which Creme De La Creme French Bulldogs receives this payment is the order in which the buyers will be able to reserve their puppy of choice. 


4.      If at the time that the puppy is to go to its new home it has new known minor health issues, the buyer will have the choice for a full refund or of transferring that deposit towards another puppy.


5.      Final amount due for the puppy is to be paid on the day that the buyer/owner take possession of the puppy. If, for any reason the buyer/owner is unable to pick up their reserved puppy within the week that they are to go to their home (Starting April 18th), the buyer/owner agrees to pay a $50 a day additional fee.


6.      The breeder assumes no responsibility for training difficulties or behavior problems. Buyer will receive an informational packet on how to train their new puppy.


7.      This puppy is being sold with limited AKC registration* and is to be kept as a pet/member of the family only. Buyer/owner is agreeing that they will not breed/stud this French Bulldog. 
*If you are interested in breeding your French Bulldog please contact us so we can discuss our terms for a full AKC registration


8.      At Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs, we do our best to ensure that CDLCFB Frenchies are going to the very best homes. If for any reason we are given information that counters our initial impression of the buyer and environment that the Frenchie will be going to, CDLCFB reserves the right to refuse or cancel sale of this French Bulldog at any point before or after, money and/or French Bulldog has been transferred. If CDLCFB is to cancel the sale for any reason, prior to the buyer/owner’s possession of this French Bulldog the buyer will be given their money back in which they have paid CDLCFB. If at any time after the buyer takes possession of this French Bulldog, CDLCFB feels that this French Bulldog is being neglected, mistreated, etc., or being used for breeding/stud services, CDLCFB will take the appropriate actions to nullify this sale and take possession of this French Bulldog.


9.      If for any reason, the buyer/owner is unable to keep the Frenchie, the buyer/owner agrees to return the Frenchie to Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs and not place the Frenchie in another home unless given permission by CDLCFB. If the Frenchie is returned within the first 30 days, only half of the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer/owner after the Frenchie has been placed in his/her new home. The other half will cover the cost of re-advertisement and keeping the Frenchie current on vaccinations and worming until the Frenchie is placed in his/her new home. If the Frenchie is returned after the 30 days no money will be refunded.


10.   The buyer/owner agrees to keep in touch with Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs with updates, photos, and videos of their CDLCFB Frenchie. The buyer/owner may do so by email, Facebook, Instagram, phone, and in-person.


11.   The buyer is agreeing to give their Crème De La Crème French Bulldogs Frenchie endless love, affection, and attention. French Bulldogs are companion dogs and do not do well being left alone for long periods of time. The buyer agrees to not leave their French Bulldog without a human companion for longer than 4 hours* at a time.
*The buyer will learn their specific Frenchie's needs; they may find that their Frenchie does not do well being left alone for that long or that they are able to periodically get away with being gone slightly longer. Please just keep in mind that your Frenchie was bred to keep you company and without your interaction they may act out, get depressed, etc.


12.   The buyer is agreeing that they are aware and prepared for the financial commitment that French Bulldogs require. Just a few of the things that French Bulldogs require are more specialized medical attention, specialized food, and more attention than many other breeds.