While on Friday Harbor

Whether you're coming to Friday Harbor to pick out, pick up, or breed your French Bulldog - it is an experience! We know that it can be a bit overwhelming having to travel to an island, so we wanted to go ahead and help make the process a little easier. 

Getting to Friday Harbor: 

You have the choice of coming by: ferry, sea plane, or personal boat. We recommend taking the ferry, as traveling by sea plane can be a bit overwhelming for your new pup because it is extremely loud and the air pressure changes can be hard on such a young dog. (When Jasper and I first arrived to the island, we came by sea plane, while he was a trooper, I could tell how nervous he was and I was constantly trying to cover his adorable ears to hopefully lessen to sound). 

Ferry: If you choose to come by ferry, you will be leaving the mainland from Anacortes, WA.   You will need to make your reservation  ahead of time 
*please be aware that the ferry schedule changes March 30th, 2019

Please arrive to your scheduled ferry an hour ahead of time to check in and get on line.

While you will have to reserve your ferry trips for both coming on to and leaving the island, you will only pay to come onto the island. 

Where to Stay:

We have confirmed with the following hotels that they have a few rooms that you're allowed to stay in while you're here: (As it is currently the off season many are offering special promotions, so please take a look at their sites)

Lakedale Resort
*Girls Gotta Get Away promotion waves pet fee

Earthbox Inn

Friday Harbor Suites

Roche Harbor Resort (only Condos are pet friendly)

If interested you can always check out to see the current availability for pet friendly Airbnb, or even the possibility of staying on a boat (but remember, Frenchies cannot swim as they are front heavy, so if you go this route, please take extra precautions)

Where to Eat: 

Our recommendations for the best places to eat while on the island. While many of these restaurants are dog friendly in the warmer months, please be aware that they may not have that seating open yet. They do offer take out though!

San Juan Island Brewing
Some of our favorites are their Pub Pretzels, Salmon Sandwich, and Chicken Club Sandwich

We absolutely love their Chicken Gorgonzola Salad, House Cut Potato Chips, and Warm Bread with Sun Dried Tomato Butter

Cask and Schooner
A must have is their Poutine!

Roy's Island Buzz 
A great place for a "pick me up" drink. They make they best Chai Latte on the Island! Also, be sure to bring your new baby to the window. They will give them a little treat and shower them with love!

Bakery San Juan
Delicious pizza and cookies! They can heat up a slice for you right then or you can order a whole pizza!

What to do:

While we are sure that you will be absolutely infatuated with your new baby, there are a few sights that you may want to take in while you are here and your pup can go along with you!

Shopping on Spring Street - Many of the shops will allow you to bring your pup in with you


There are many great walking and hiking trails that you are able to go on with your new baby (they may need you to carry them, as they are still a pup and shouldn't go on quite those long of walks):

South Beach 

English Camp

Lime Kiln Point State Park